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Sometimes in life, you the client, can have all the money and houses you could ever need. But the pain of life and the reason for even being can negate any purpose of financial safety. It takes more than a degree or some fancy marketing talk and catch phrases handed down by head office, to make a difference. Sometimes it takes a human being, with a heart, a sense of humour, and with a familiar story, to actually save that client. Sometimes, it takes someone with an understanding that you need to invest in the person before you get to invest in the funds. Today I remain, with a secured future, and secured friendship. Today I continue with an outlook on understanding financial matters more. Today I chose, as easily as it is, to say thank you to Les Mcguire, for providing the knowledge, the understanding, the time, and the care.
— J MUIR (October 2016)

I see Sandeep not only as a trusted advisor – using his business acumen to be candid about when I should and should not do something – but also as an extension to my team. He ensures that I get on with running my business, so I can sleep at night knowing I am not going to be caught out by any tax and compliance issues. Additionally, I find that Sandeep is able to understand the complexities within my business and explain the impact of industry changes and business decisions on our bottom line in a way that I can understand, an attribute I have found incredibly lacking in the accounting profession where my previous discussions with accountants were in terminology and jargon which I had no hope of comprehending. He is patient, thorough and thoughtful. I have already recommended Sandeep to other medical and dental professionals and will continue to do so.
— Dr A Oveissian, Dentist (August 2016)

I have utilised Sandeep’s services on several occasions, and will gladly do so many times in the future; he is, in my opinion, one of the best in the business. Sandeep takes pride in his work, is thorough, with an eye for detail, and has an excellent understanding of how to provide his clients with the most relevant and best possible service - even where they are less informed than perhaps they should be. Better than this, Sandeep makes complicated concepts easy to understand, which is a too-rare trait these days.
— I Robertson, Network Specialist (June 2016)

Over the past 7 years Les’s professional advice and friendship has been the cornerstone in allowing both me and my wife to start our own business and I can attest that the businesses continued success and substantial growth over the past 3 years has been in no small part the ongoing mentorship and advice that Les continues to provide. To try and sum up I can honestly say that my life is better knowing Les McGuire. His continued support and friendship is something that I will cherish for the rest of my life. There a very few people in this world that can make such a significant impact in one’s life just by being there. Les is certainly one of these, he is my rock in a stormy sea he is someone that I not only call friend, but I am proud to call Brother. As Les would say ‘if you do the job right, everything else including the money takes care of itself.
— P Kelly, K-Spec Building Consultants (September 2016)

Sandeep very quickly sorted an accounting mess I was left in that was causing me great stress. He is also preparing me well in advance for the next tax year. He is quick to answer my correspondence and has made me feel confident in the direction my business is going in. I highly recommend Sandeep to do things promptly and properly. I couldn’t be any happier with his knowledge and expertise to allow me to do what I do best and keep my business growing in the right direction.
— Dr C Hunwardsen, Chiropractor (June 2016)

I would highly recommend Sandeep as an exceptionally responsive accountant with outstanding interpersonal, technical and punctuality skills. He was able to advise and establish appropriate corporate and personal structures to position my personal and business finances in a tax effective way. Sandeep goes out of his way both with time and geography to support and assist clients achieve their goals. By far the best accountant that I’ve had the pleasure of doing business for over 26 years.
— S Fabian, Innovative Education Australia (June 2017)